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Nowadays the Republic of Rwanda is is remarkably known for supporting gender balance in the administrations as well as  other aspects whereas it’s ranked as the 7th country with highest gender equality by World Economic Forum through Global Gender Gap Report 2020.

The local media has been playing a role both directly and indirectly. Statistics show that , media outlets owners in Rwanda; 19 are women and 161 are men, which lights a definite gender balance gap in media.

Why female media practioners are still few in Rwandan media? “poor salary, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, glass ceiling, being unvalued and social norms and critics are the reasons to few women involving in media practices” said Peace Hillary the Managing Director Family magazine ( and a Chairperson of Women Media Owners for Change (WMOC) in Rwanda.

“Society should not consider gender equality as a female issue, both men and women should be treated equally” said MUCYO Pascal a media practioner .

file: MUCYO’s interview, Rwamagana, Rwanda, 2022 [EAUR magazine video, file]

Genderequality remains essentially, a question of power, said the UN chief Antonio Guterres, but to change the culture of male-domination and bring balance, we need equality in
terms of leadership, decision-making and participation at all levels.

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