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World Press Freedom Day Celebration in Kigali in photos

Onomo hotel where World press Freedom Day celebration event took place May 03,2024. This celebration was Organised by FOJO here in Kigali.
Leader of ceremony Ms Lathifah BANTEGEYE starts event at 9:00 am . She gave great welcome to event participants and introduced event plan.
Ms. Anki WOOD from FOJO tells event listeners what objective of this celebration as organiser. She also started discussion panel which involves different media specialist in Rwanda to discuss about how Rwandan journalism deal with environmental crisis.
Everyone inside this event focus and enjoy panel discussion about theme of day. Discussion panel involved by different people especially those who work in environmental journalism section.
During tea break of event participants join together outside as they enjoy break fast. In small groups everyone discussed about how journalism here in Rwanda involve in environment protection.
Rwanda environmental journalist Daddy Sadiki RUBANGURA and Anki WOOD have conversation on day topic during tea break. They discussed also how journalism here in Rwanda can be tool for environment protection.
Group discussion inside event room and everyone gain more ideas to share with attended audience. Each group provided topic to discuss about which related to theme of this day.
Edmund KAGIRE from Rwanda Media Commission shares ideas from his group discussion to audience. He talked on how journalism can have positive impact on environmental preservation.
Andrew ONSONGO from East African University Rwanda presents opinions from group discussion to corresponding audience. Him also asked how education especially in environmental journalism sector can be promoted inorder to achieve objectives of this event.
Madam Solange AYANONE from Rwanda journalist association also provides different points from her group discussion to event participants. She provided also recommendations of how someone can report activities that harm environment.
Ghislaine IGIRANEZA MUGISHA student from East African University Rwanda introduces different ideas from discussions to attendees. She asked how social medias can help environmental journalism to grow as most youth today spend much time on them.
Regional communication officer and environmental journalist Jean cloude HABIMANA gives his own opinions about objective of that day. He said different ways journalism sector is trying to pass through inorder to build strong environmental journalism.
Media specialist Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO from Rwanda Development Board provides final conclusion about theme of event. He introduced to audience how Rwandan government is working hard to promote different activities that favor environment.
Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO also at end of event gives interview to different media workers regarding this World Press Freedom day. They asked him about press freedom here in Rwanda and what needed to promote environmental journalism.
Celebration day ends with lovely moment of sharing lunch between all event participants. Everyone joined Onomo hotel restaurant and share different foods and drinks with others.
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