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Maiden International Chefs Day celebration, held at EAUR 

Today, Rwanda Chefs Alliance (RCA) in partnership with the East Africa University Rwanda (EAUR) held the first ever celebration event for the International Chefs Day at the EAUR Kigali campus, a day dedicated to recognizing and honoring culinary artists. The event provided an opportunity for chefs from different levels to come together, learn from each other and interact whilst inspiring the next generation of chefs. 

 “On this day we salute the passion, skills and the commitment of chefs worldwide, they are the embodiment of hard work, perseverance and a deep love for food.” Said prof.  KABERA Callixte the EAUR vice chancellor. 

Prof. Kabera Callixte.

The event that saw chefs, culinary students and other guests from all over Rwanda come together to mark this day, was under the theme ‘Growing Great Chefs’, the power of the white jacket.  Most of our targets are schools and universities to make sure that as we are getting old, we are uplifting and training our fellow Rwandan chefs. Said RCA’s president Chef Innocent Rutayisire. 

Some of the activities that took place during the event were culinary workshops on Professional Ethics of a Chef and another on Food Safety and Hygiene, a demonstration on food presentation, a cooking competition by students from different schools and a panel discussion through which the present chef was able to get insights from culinary experts. 

Students during the food competition.
Panelists comprised of some of the senior chefs t the celebration.

The international chef’s day was started by the former president of world association of chef’s society, the late chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004. 

International Chefs Day is a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating chefs worldwide, recognizing their dedication and passion for the culinary arts. It serves as a reminder that culinary creativity is accessible to all, encouraging individuals of all ages to experiment in the kitchen. Moreover, this day emphasizes the significance of healthy eating, promoting mindful food choices for our overall well-being. It underscores the idea that everyone can embrace their inner chef and make healthier dietary decisions. 

Rwandan chefs at the first ever International Chefs Day Celebration in Rwanda.

Through the event the chefs were reminded of the pivotal roles they hold in our cycle of life and the importance of ensuring that they raise up chefs to take on the button from them. It was also noted that the chef career has evolved over the last decade in that it is no longer constricted to being a career in which only women can pursue. 

You chefs play a role to conserve and preserve our culture, every country has a culture of which the culinary spheres try to embrace and pull together cultures of the country and that is why I thank creative ideas. said Frank Gisha the guest speaker. 

This article was written by
Ann Njoki Mbugua

Ann Njoki Mbugua