Tourism industry is one of income generating sector in Rwanda, where the government has invested much energy. It is in that regard that the government institutions approaches university and higher learning institutions students to equip them with knowledge and skills in need.

Today march 29, 2023 at The East Africa University of Rwanda Kigali campus happens a dialogue entitled “save for a sustainable tourism career” and other aspects concerning youth held by Prof. Callixte KABERA (Vice Chancellor of EAUR), Mrs Alice KAMASONI (Culture tourism promotion), Miss NSHUTI MUHETO Divine (Miss Rwanda 2022), Chef Belyse IRAKOZE (Senior head chef at park inn) and Mr Pacifique ISHIMWE (General manager at Across Africa journeys).

The speakers encouraged students to save the little (money) they have and also consuming the opportunities given, not only in tourism industry but any career they’re involved in, it is remarked by the MC as he handed out 5,000Rwf to who ever wants it but the only one who went for it won the prize.

“you don’t wait for what you want, go and get it” MC added.

“The fact  isthat, the career they chose (tourism) and the government has offered youth opportunities plus we are adding to their lecture” said Mrs Alice KAMASONI.

“We hope they use the knowledge acquired to promote cultural tourism to their best”  she added.

Overall, youth population (16-30 years) makes up 26.6% of the total population of Rwanda. Which makes sense to where the government should invest in youth to sustain it income generating source.

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