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Moving abroad for some people can either be a dream come true or a goal that they are dead set on achieving. For the most part, depending on who you are it can be scary ,exciting or both. One of the easiest ways of moving abroad is as a student either through scholarships or self sponsorship, other ways are through job offers and marriage.

There is a lot of uncertainty in moving abroad because it seems like the beginning of life from the ground up , even though in some cases your destination of choice might share similarities with your home country, the fact still remains that it is not home. It is important that when one is planning on moving to a new country, they take time to research and know about important information which will help them during their stay there.

Rwanda is one of the of the most beautiful and fast developing countries in Africa ,arguably when most people think of investing they think of Rwanda. It is well known for its breathtaking sceneries and commonly referred as ‘Land of a thousand hills.’ Rwanda is part of the East African community ,bordering Uganda ,DRC ,Tanzania and Burundi.

Having stayed in Kigali for the past nine months, the following are the things that have stood out to me: language barrier, majority of Rwandese people speak Kinyarwanda although there are French, Swahili and English speakers. Communication at times becomes difficult because I speak English and Swahili , a solution to this ,is learning the foundations of Kinyarwanda such as the greetings and amounts for money.

When it comes to money the Kenya shilling is stronger than the Rwandan Franc. The cost of living in Kigali is relatively more expensive than in Kenya. It is crucial for one to be conversant with the rules and regulations as there may be key differences e.g. in Rwanda when using a motor bike as a means of transport both the motorist and the passenger are required to have helmets on which is compulsory and is adhered to unlike Kenya where it is not as

There are definitely a lot of details that I may not be able to go into when it comes to how the country differs from mine or others but the majority are positive and easy to adapt to.

Its been said that in your youth it is important for you to travel, explore and be bold. Moving abroad is definitely a bold decision but one that comes with fulfilment ,new experiences and allows you to view life from a different perspective . So when you think about moving abroad weigh the pros and cons .

This article was written by
Ann Njoki Mbugua

Ann Njoki Mbugua