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Kunshuro ya mbere imunsi mpuzamahanga w’abatetsi wizihijwe mu Rwanda

Buri mwaka taliki 20 ukwakira hizihizwa umunsi mpuzamahanga w’abatetsi kw’isi hose. iki gikorwa cyo kwizihiza uyu munsi kurwego rw’igihugu, urugaga rw’abatetsi mu Rwanda kubufatanye na kaminuza y’U Rwanda y’ Afurika y’uburasirazuba ishami rya Kigali akaba ariho iki gikorwa kiri cyabereye kunshyuro yacyo yambere. Ni igikorwa kitabiriwe n’abatetsi batandukanye bavuye hirwa no hino ndetse nabanyeshuri bo […]

President, Paul Kagame’s new security appointments.

By: Ann Mbugua Commander in chief of the armed forces, president Paul kagame, on the 5th of June 2023 made strategic changes and appointments to Rwandan security in a bid to ensure that these essential possitions are held by competent leaders that have been dimmed fit for these positions, in a tweet by the president’s […]

Looming Tax Burden.

By: Ann Mbugua Since the tabling of financial bill, 2023 in parliament by the Kenya treasury cabinet secretary on 28th April 2023, kenyans have been in a state of uproar seeing as the bill seeks to amend various taxes that will directly affect them. At the moment kenya’s economy seems to be in the trenches […]

Scientists offer a set of recommendations to improve future research on diet and dementia

BY: Aline MWIHOREZE Anyone searching the internet for brain healthy foods will find no shortage of stories making dietary recommendations. Some of those stories point to observational studies that have suggested a link between the lower or greater intake of certain foods and the risk of dementia. But clinical research attempting to connect specific nutrients […]