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Yvonne Manzi Makolo, Rwandair CEO become chair of IATA board of governers.

Yvonne Manzi Maloko, RwandAir CEO since 2018./ Photo by RwandAir

Türkiye, Istanbul on 5 June, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that RwandAir CEO Yvonne Manzi Makolo has assumed her duties as Chair of the IATA Board of Governors (BoG) for a one-year term, effective from the conclusion of the 79th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM). Yvonne Manzi Makolo is a Rwandan born IT specialist […]

Women Supporting Women: How Sisterhood is Empowering Women Globally.

As we celebrate Women’s Month, it’s essential to recognize the power of women supporting women. Sisterhood is a powerful force that has been instrumental in driving progress and empowering women globally. Women supporting each other creates a ripple effect that helps to break down barriers, promote gender equality, and create a more equitable and just society.


Gender equality should be all inclusive both for men and women . Strides have been made regarding this issue but there is still a long way to go.